About us!

Touchstone Bros. is Mississippi's first video game development studio.

    We are a small studio with big plans to expand and to bring the video game industry to Mississippi in a huge way. Our goals are to showcase the amazing talent found within our region, to create a new job market here, and to bring some really great games and stories to you.

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(Contractual opportunities available)

Meet The Team

Chance Touchstone

Owner, CTO, and Game Designer

For the past 18 years, Chance has been creating his own success story. Managing software development in various industries, Chance has mastered various technologies accross the board and knows what it takes to make a business efficent and successful. Simply put he has the skill and the leadership it takes to drive technology to the next level.

Justin Touchstone

Developer, Level Designer

For the last 6 years, Justin studied game design and has become a respected member of the indie game community.

Sage Touchstone

Developer, Animator, QA

For the past 2 years, Sage has excelled as a Unity Game Developer, and he has proven himself as a reliable web developer. As a second generation software developer, Sage has had the advantage of learning some of the most advanced scripting techniques with extensive one-on-one training.

Tim Stone

Developer, Animator

For the past 8 years, Tim has studied game development and has demonstrated his talent covering nearly all aspects of game design. Having well-rounded skills, excellent communication, and innovative ideas, Tim has become a valued member of our team here at Touchstone Bros.

Johnny Smith

Developer, Animator, Level Designer

For the past 3 years, Johnny has built quality 3D models and brought them to life with animations and cutscenes. With a background in software development, Johnny understands the technical needs of our developers and has become a vital part of our team. Johnny wears many hats here at TouchstoneBros ranging from developer, to artist, to quality assurance.

Roy Corley Jr.

Developer, Level Designer

For the last 2 years, as Roy has been pursuing a degree in computer science from Concordia University of Texas, he has had the opportunity to learn Unity Game design as part of the TouchstoneBros Game Dev Team.

Justice Touchstone

Developer, QA

For the past 2 years, Justice has demonstrated his strength as a back-end software developer. Building reliable web services and administrative tools for Windows applications and game services. Growing up watching his father build these types of systems has always intrigued him. Now he designs them.